Setup ansible within python virtual environment

There are lots of CI/CD tools available in the market but it is mandatory to follow precautions while installing them. Many a times, we prefer to install multiple tools or switch from one to another however, it becomes easier if installation remains in a separate space rather than distributed all over the machine.

In this article I’m going to share a method to setup ansible within a virtual storage space for its better management.


  1. Upgraded version of pip is installed or upgrade within virtual environment using this command


Restricted connectivity per repository

For a long time CI/CD using jenkins has always been considered as the cornerstone for the DevOps environment and a key player for fast and stable deliveries thereby creating chances of security leakages within the integration.

In this article, we will discuss on the procedure to setup a production grade connectivity between github and jenkins in a secure and reliable way especially when we need one job in jenkins per github repository.


Before reading this article I expect one to be aware of few things:

  • Web hooks
  • Github Personal Access Management(PAM) tokens

If unaware, I’ll try…


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